Advocates for children should be catalysts for change.

Wellness Project

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TeamChild is committed to strategically ensuring that the juvenile justice system does not become the default mental health provider for children struggling with mental health issues.  The Wellness Project is a targeted effort managed by our Pierce County office. 

The Need

Too many children end up involved in the juvenile justice system for behaviors related to unmet mental health needs and a host of adverse childhood experiences. Exact estimates vary, but a recent study by the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice confirmed that 65% to 70% of youth involved with the juvenile justice system have at least one diagnosable mental health disorder. Getting help is not easy: the public mental health system is complex to navigate, evaluation and treatment are under-resourced, and youth and families are not well informed of their rights to services and support.  When behaviors get worse and fragile supports fall apart, law enforcement and the juvenile justice system are left to pick up the pieces. 

Project Strategy

TeamChild’s legal services and community awareness activities ensure that young people understand and assert their rights to timely, meaningful, and appropriate mental health care in the community.