Every child who needs an advocate should have one.


IMPORTANT: Please note that school discipline laws in Washington State have been changing, most recently in June 2016. We have not had the staff capacity to incorporate all relevant changes in the materials below, so please pay close attention to the date the materials were last updated.

Tip Sheets - School Discipline Changes

TeamChild collaborated with Sound Discipline and the Office of Education Ombuds (OEO) to create tip sheets for students, families and educators on how to implement the new changes to school discipline law (as of 2013).  The tip sheets describe how discipline laws have changed in Washington State – and they give students, families and schools some tools to use when meeting to problem solve disciplinary matters. 

Learn more about ESSB 5946, the bill signed into law in 2013.

To access the Tip Sheets, click on the links below. You also can find these and other resources on the OEO's Suspension, Explusions, and Discipline page.

Reengagement Meetings - Tips for Students (updated Oct 2016)

Reengagement Meetings - Tips for Families (updated Oct 2016)

Reengagement Meetings - Tips for Educators (updated Oct 2016)

Reengagement Meetings - Sample Meeting Template (updated Oct 2016)


Reclaiming Students Report

In December 2012, TeamChild and Washington Appleseed published a joint report, Reclaiming Students: the educational and economic costs of exclusionary discipline in Washington State.   Reclaiming Students presents a first of its kind look at the statewide impact of school exclusions on Washington State students and makes recommendations for how to move forward in transforming school discipline and keeping more students engaged in school and on track to graduate.  Many thanks to our project partners including:  Washington Appleseed, the ACLU of Washington and Garvey Schubert Barer.

To access the electronic version of the manual, click here or on the icon below.

Education Advocacy Manual

TeamChild collaborated with Casey Family Programs, the state and National CASA programs, and Treehouse to publish a comprehensive Education Advocacy Manual.  This manual is available electronically to anyone in Washington State, free of charge, and has helped many advocates and caregivers be better advocates for their child’s education.

While there is a special focus on the needs of foster children in the manual, the comprehensive information may be helpful to anyone who wishes to advocate for a child's education. Included are chapters covering basic education rights, special education law, discipline, and resources for young people transitioning to adulthood. Also included is an extensive resource guide with links to Washington State and federal education law.

To access the electronic version of the manual, click here or on the icon below.  


What Every Parent Needs To Know

TeamChild worked with the Office of the Education Ombudsman (OEO) to adapt our education advocacy training materials. OEO published four handbooks for parents, which are available in Spanish and English on the OEO website.

Defending Youth in Truancy Hearings

TeamChild and the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State released this manual in 2008.  It is intended to be a resource for attorneys, but it provides information on truancy and education law in Washington State that may be helpful for the general public. 

Click here or on the icon below to download a free copy.